What Is Kosher?
"Kosher" is a Hebrew word that has found its way to the English dictionary and is now a universal household word.  Its literal translation is "fit", "proper" or "acceptable".  Kosher refers to food and foodstuff that meet the dietary requirements of Jewish Law.  Kosher has been observed by Jews for over 3300 years.  The origins of kosher laws are in the Bible, and explained in detail through the Talmud as well as other Codes of Jewish Law and traditions.  The kosher laws are very intricate and often require close consultation with a kosher expert.  Kosher rulings have guided us in contemporary as well as ancient Kosher policies and have been used to determine which foods are acceptable according to Jewish Law.   
Kosher production under Central California Kosher (CCK) certification assures the company and consumer that the highest standards of  kosher are being adhered to.  Our certification is dependent on several factors:
            1. Source of raw ingredients
            2. Status of the production equipment
            3. Process of production. 
We, at CCK establish the status of the facility requesting kosher, its products, whether or not the plant needs its equipment koshered, and provide specific instructions to each facility.  Rabbi Zirkind will be happy to assist our clients with answering questions, addressing each one's particular needs and concerns, and will help bring you to the next level of kosher certification.  We look forward to welcoming you into our family of satisfied kosher clients!
Kosher:  More than...
...a blessing
...a label
...a fad
...a trend

Central California Kosher:  Spice your company with the Kosher Spirit!