Overall Benefits
  1. Benefits to Going Kosher
    "The kosher market is the fastest growing segment of the food industry—valued at $13 billion and expanding by more than 10 percent each year. Placed side-by-side on the shelf, kosher products sell 20% better than competing non-kosher brands." - Lubicom 2013
  2. Benefits to Kosher Certification
    Consumers equate kosher to quality, cleanliness and an extra measure of integrity in the market. Putting a kosher symbol on a product is a guaranteed seal of approval.
  3. Benefits to Local Certification
    CCK, whether providing kosher to near or far, maintains a local, family-style, friendly approach. Our office is local, keeping costs low, and work is done in an expedited fashion.
CCK Benefits
  1. DFA Affilliate Discount
    CCK has a working relationship and understanding with DFA. CCK gives a 20% discount to DFA members.
  2. Keeping it Local
    Our staff is easily accessible; thus ensuring timely communication. CCK prides itself with its knowledge of kosher, as well as its familiarity with the local geographic territory. Money stays within the Central Valley, keeping the economics positive.
  3. Customer Satisfaction
    CCK is known to pay attention to detail, thus ensuring clear communication with clients. Open communication is one of the keys to CCK's success.