Mission Statement
CCK: It's all about the name.
Our mission is to guarantee the consumer that the companies we certify maintain high-quality Kosher standards as well as ethical and hygienic excellence. We educate our clients on the spiritual significance of the Kosher industry, and provide resources for them to enter the Kosher marketplace. 

CCK sets the bar for the highest standards of Kosher certification. Our reputation and integrity is highly recognized throughout the world. CCK clients and thier consumers remain our #1 priority. 
Consumers purchasing CCK certified products can be assured of the highest kosher standards that are acceptable by all major kosher organizations internationally.
In addition to providing kosher certification to commercial processing facilities, CCK offers the following:
-Kosher consulting,
-Koshering kitchens of Jewish homes
-Koshering commercial catering establishments for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and other special occasions.